Welcome to Cosmic Constellations Consultants 

♡☼♡Welcome to Cosmic Constellations Consultants (CCC), my name is Michelle Teresa, owner/ operator. Here at CCC, we believe in the power of the stars to reveal our deepest truths. Located in the mystical heart of Delphi, Indiana, we offer unique Galactic Starseed Astrology Soul Origin Reports that transcends traditional astrology, connecting you with the celestial energies that shape your destiny.**

My journey into the realm of Galactic Astrology began with a profound awakening that ignited my connection to the cosmos. Three years ago, I experienced my first contact with my Galactic family from the Andromeda and Arcturus star system, an encounter that awakened my kundalini energy and propelled me onto a path of spiritual evolution.

**My Mission: Activating Humanity's Cosmic Remembrance**

I am deeply passionate about sharing my gift with humanity, empowering others to awaken their own Galactic connections and remember their true multidimensional nature. I believe that within each of us lies a dormant spark of stardust, waiting to be ignited.

Through my Starseed Soul Origin Reports, I aim to:

Activate your cosmic consciousness and help you connect with your Galactic family and embrace your starseed heritage.

Unleash your hidden talents and guide you in discovering and developing your unique abilities and gifts.

Illuminate your soul's purpose and provide insights into your life path and the profound purpose you came to fulfill on Earth.

My work is driven by a deep love and compassion for humanity. I believe that by awakening our cosmic remembrance, we can create a more harmonious and enlightened world. I envision a future where individuals embrace their multidimensionality, live in alignment with their soul's purpose, and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness. ✨🌏✨