Starseed Activation Tier 2.


* 7-10 pages in length

    * Includes a comprehensive analysis of your cosmic soul blueprint, galactic timeline, and starseed origins an exploration of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd starseed connections.

* Additionally includes guidance on activating dormant starseed memories and abilities


* The radiant hues of your soul essence* The celestial guardians who guide your path.

* Your soul's origin, tracing back to its initial fragmentation from the Source

* The imprints of your starseed heritage, revealing your Cosmic DNA.

* The tapestry of your soul's journey, connecting you to diverse star nations.

* The cosmic councils and star families that have shaped your destiny.

* The history of your soul's incarnations on Earth.
* The galactic, ancestral, and personal karmic threads that influence your current life.

* The unique gifts and challenges you carry, stemming from your soul's journey in other star systems.

* Divine guidance on your sacred mission, illuminating your path of growth and evolution ~